I wasn't sold on the idea of reaching out to a health coach but am so glad that I crossed paths with Paz. She and her program have made a huge impact on my life. 

For years I have struggled with balancing the rigors of family life and career responsibilities with my own personal goals and general wellness.  Paz broke down the issues for me an introduced me to a whole new way of thinking.  While her focus for me was mainly on diet and exercise, her teaching methods and customized program helped me achieve goals I had only dreamed were possible. 

I'm now healthier and happier than I can ever remember and have embraced a lifestyle change that I will continue for the rest of my life.  I feel great, am completely energized, and more confident than ever before.  The results speak for themselves

Paz is the real deal and I couldn't recommend her more highly.

Cliff 3/13/2019

In the beginning of my sessions with coach Paz I was confused. I did not know what I wanted to do with my life. I was in a place of change. Not only in my professional life but in my relationship as well.

As we went through the sessions she helped me achieve more clarity and self confidence. To set new goals for myself and fulfill them.

I am forever grateful to coach Paz. She creates a space where I can speak frankly and openly without fear of being judged. I am way more conscious of my food choices now. I have finally made the connection! What I eat affects me. Physically and energetically too.

Andrea 12/05/18

My experience with my health coach Paz has been life changing. I don't think there has been another time in my life where I have been more accountable to myself. Paz has the ability to frame every aspect of my life that we discuss in a way that puts me on my own path to better myself. She helps me see it all with a brand new perspective and sets up action plans that suit me after each session. She sees me in way I would want to see myself and I feel more confident and inspired each time.

We talk about my whole health. My body, spirit, mind, my family life, my work life and how I spend my time doing for me. I thought I had a healthy lifestyle and I had some goals but I was surprised to learn how much more I needed. Looking at myself with honesty, clear intentions, and self care has brought everything in my life to a new level.

We had a another great session today. I told her this has been more effective than when I saw a therapist years ago. With therapy, I felt like I was endlessly spinning my wheels and just talking. Having Paz as my health coach has effectively helped me grow and change and feel "healthy" in the truest way.. I can't thank her enough.

Karen Malluk 2/27/18

Since enlisting Paz's guidance, I am healthier and happier than I've ever been.

Her 21 day sugar cleanse program allowed me to shed 11 pounds.  In addition to the weight loss, I experienced a huge reduction in swelling and joint pain, a more balanced digestive system, better sleep patterns, and a big jump in overall energy levels. I felt 20 years younger and didnt want to turn back.

CJ 4/9/19

I find Paz has helped me create the practical connection between education, knowledge and transformation in my daily life and sports practice. I learned how to listen to myself better. I now can prioritize with purpose and go after what I really want in life.

It has been a profound experience. I am really glad Paz gave me the option to buy single sessions after I finished the 6 month program. When I feel stuck, I get one or more sessions and I'm able see things with more clarity. Thanks so much.

Monica 11/8/2017