What works?


I have been reflecting on bio-individuality lately, and i must say i find it both groundbreaking and sort of obvious at the same time.  I really got to understand how different people are  a long time ago,  I had a bf and we were just not getting along, I was doing everything right but he was in what seemed to me another dimension, so a friend recommend i see an astrologer,  I took her up on it and went,  she was able,  showing me my chart, to help me understand how different people can be,  where you are born, where you  come from, what time of the day your are born at, etc all things you can see in an astral chart (if you can read them) It never occurred to me this also applied to how we eat,  how some foods are great at one point of our lives and not so much later on,  or how what we eat is totally determined by where we live,  and the most profound knowledge is that  one persons food can really be another's poison. There's lots to learn out there,  and  there are  so many possibilities.  So I would like to invite you to keep and open mind,  and an open heart,  allow yourself to just be open to all that  is around you.  The possibilities are endless.