You can do it!


He was doing it and had a feel of doom and gloom about it so I volunteered to do it with him. The first 3 days were the hardest. He felt frustrated, but we had a plan. The Sunday before we began we went to the supermarket and bought food for his wok (which we had bought a week earlier). We had a lot of fun cooking together. Instead of focusing on what we couldn’t eat we dove into what we could, which was a lot! As adults we like to feel we have control over our life. There is no mom or dad to say no. When we do a cleanse this is exactly what happens. In our brain we feel like someone else has taken the reins and our freedom is gone. We resist. We don’t like it. And why would we? We are adults now and we do what we want. Understanding this is key. When we know ahead of time where resistance will come from we can prepare. It is us, not our fear of change who is in charge. The mind has a tendency to embellish the unknown making it seem harder, bigger, badder than it actually is. If we let our minds run free we are bound to fail, over and over again. So be smart and prepare. From day 4 on we were right on track, enjoying our process. We went out for dinner over the weekend and sat at a bar, not drinking and eating clean. Challenging but doable. We chose to count weekends instead of days, it was only 3 of them, such as smaller number than 21. I believe that once he started feeling the benefits of the cleanse he started loving it. No achy joints, no brain fog, and lbs were flying off. Now 11 lbs lighter and feeling good he is a fan. Many times we eat just to satisfy our taste buds, not even considering what the body needs to function at its best. Fair enough, chocolate is yummy. As we get older it is our responsibility to set ourselves to have a functioning life in our golden years. This will not happen over night, and the choices we make today will determine how we live in our 80’s and beyond. We can do everything we set our minds to. We have the power and self discipline to. And if you don’t. Well that’s what I am here for.