Cleanse Done!! Now what?

Some parts of my cleanse will stay the same, no more gluten or dairy for me,  I do have sensitivities to both so its a no brainer to not consume either.  My particular cleanse was also for Candida and Parasites,  on last Monday's check up I cleared Candida wooo hoooo!!, I still have some lingering Parasites. My Dr . changed some of the supplements I am taking and kept others the same. The  cleanse is modified,  not over.  This leaves me with the clarity my life will never be as it used to be.  I have felt so clear and happy by changing a few habits that there is no reason for me to go back to the way I was eating. My biggest take away though is how changing  how much and what I drink has made. We (me and my better half) have a really nice social life. We go out to dinner almost every night That means a few cocktails on a daily basis. I have changed this dramatically, reducing my alcohol intake to weekends only. I thought this would be an obstacle for my social life, but not at all. I’ve been able to socialize just fine and to have just as much fun as I usually do. I've lost weight, feel fantastic and have even dropped my resting heart beat!. Pretty cool huh? So my next steps would be to clear Parasites and stop taking supplements I imagine.   

I am delighted Im feeling really good.  Maybe you have something going on, that you don't know about and feeling vibrant  and clear is right there for your taking.     What are you waiting for?