Healthy Pantry

Tomorrow will be Taco Tuesday  at my place,  so I went to my local supermarket,  got  the usual ingredients, 1lb of grass feed (grass finished)  ground beef,  tomatoes, lettuce, taco shells, everything healthy or so I thought... As I was in a rush I did not check out the ingredients in the Old El Paso taco shells, can you believe they have GM's!! (genetically modified) Ugh ... Its not all doom and gloom though,  I totally forgot that I have this awesome Healthy Pantry App that will help you out by just checking out the barcode of the product you are getting and will tell you if its ok or not to buy,  it will even suggest alternative healthy options if what you are scanning  is a no go...  you can actually personalize the app by setting your personal lifestyle choices, aka gluten free etc.  This app is super helpful I totally recommend it.... It will make your life easier! Would love to hear how it goes. ..