Its all about the LOVE

Another Valentine's day is here,  I think that's awesome... well,  if we focus on the positive that is, otherwise its just another lame scheme  to make us spend money on bs that doesn't even come close to representing a true act of love... right? But,  my bf loves it,  so,  in rolling with it.  In honor of Valentines day I propose we  love EVERYTHING,  from the couch we sit on to the amazing skies that are full of magic anytime we take  the time to look up,  yup,  love flowers, love air, love my shower, my cat and that really unhappy checkout woman at the supermarket that has the worse attitude ever,  like all the time!!  Today I love her too. Otherwise loving whats effortless to love is everyday right?  Lets make today special and love everyone up.   HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!