2018 is here!!!! Now what?


I hope your holidays were as wonderful as mine,  I had the gift of going home to Santiago, Chile to spend the iconic dates with my family,  my boyfriend joined in and we got the chance to show him intense Patagonia and the busy V region,  which meant beautiful beaches and really nice restaurants.  Overall it was magical!  magic that quickly turned in to memories when we arrived to below freezing temperatures at home in New York,  holy cow, can you say cold!!!  So now that Im bundled up and cozy in front of the fireplace i look back and wonder if I did right by everyone, if I was generous enough with my family,  and I realize that being sister n#5 of 7 siblings I've moved on with lots,  some people Im closer than ever with and others, well,  not close at all.  I am ok with that,  Its impossible to be all things to all people, It was wonderful to see how everyone has grown and how all have achieved so much in their personal and professional lives.  So grateful for all.   Now lets hit our resolutions,  I started today with an 8 am Iyengar Yoga class,  that I intend to take on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the duration of 2018,   How about you?  any resolutions you'd like to share?   Here's to 2018 lets keep each other accountable.