Who knew!


Going to IIN really, REALLY, changed the way i look at food.  Alright so you eat something and then what? Well food goes down, gets to your belly and, well ,it  becomes you... It is a reality,  we truly are what we eat! That food becomes you!  yep and me too.   So what are we eating? I used to eat whatever was  easier,  and thought that if my food was coming from  my favorite supermarket and the packaging  said things like natural or whole wheat well then thats must be what I'm getting. 

I first started this label reading process because the  personal trainer I had in Miami at the time said to me, you need to lower your sugar intake, so from now on start to look at the label of everything you want to buy  and if you see  more than 3grams of sugar DO NOT BUY IIT!  I was very saddened by my findings ....  no more yummy yoghurt,  oh and no vitamin water and ohhhh no more red bull sigh! But I  chose to adopt her suggestions and was able to not purchase packaged goods that had more than the 3 grams of sugar in them.   I thought I got this!   So time flies by and I start the IIN Health Coaching program and low and behold IIN suggests  reading labels which is something  I already do, so,  I'm good right?, Wrong!!  I really  wasn't reading the whole label, I was only  reading the  part where it says sugars, carbs, etc., I had never  gotten to the ingredients part (specially because they are written so small right?) What a disappointing discovery... even packaged pasta has ingredients Im not sure how to pronounce.... and my favorite mashed potatoes (from a box) ugh one of the ingredients is hydrogenated cottonseed oil which packs triple the saturated fat of canola and safflower oil and has a high omega 6 to omega 3 ratio; often cited as a contributor to  chronic inflammation, which we know today is really related to all ailments we suffer.  (*from eating well/ Sylvia Geiger) So basically, no more forgetting my reading glasses at home when I go shopping,  I don't wanna loose my mind or  the ability to wipe my own behind when I'm older,  if knowing what I'm making part of me will help me with this goal,  you know I'm all over it!!  How about you,  what do you want for your future?