When I first arrived in New York me and my boyfriend thought going into Real Estate would be a great idea for me.   Being a Licensed Massage Therapist for 15 years,  I did not want to go back  school  to get my NYC certification, so it felt like this is the  perfect time to start a new career,  Very exiting!! I never took into consideration the fact that i did not t know Manhattan  at all, and to make things worse,  i've never really  been a big city girl.  I gave it a good year, as the months passed my frustration just grew,  i  was so ran down, Real Estate is hard even if you are doing it in your backyard,  imagine trying to sell something you know nothing of... ugh ....  clients would stand me up left and right, id feel so foolish   most  clients knew the neighborhoods so much better than me, and it showed! On top of that every building has its own set of rules, as to what is and what isn't acceptable!  I was flailing,  feeling stressed.  How am i ever going to adjust to my new life?  I  thought the tough part was going to be moving in with the bf!!  (which turned out to be really smooth) I had a quick conversation with a  friend from the gym and she being a former IIN mentioned the school  and suggested the program.  Needless to say  it resonated with me immediately and profoundly,  Thank you Lynn!   So here I am finding my way in life and in the city too,  most importantly  doing something I love, something that means the world to me.    I am happy.  Life is too short, and nobody knows how long we have. I believe that the only way to do this precious existence justice is by being happy ... everyday.