I wanna help

The only consistent thing about life is change.  Thats right!!  Change. I know the majority of people with whom i have spoken about change usually say they hate it,  but think about it. as one moment begins it starts to end, you were a child and now you are grown,  who you were as a child is not who you are today,  you changed.  As we grow up and go through boyfriends/girlfriends,  jobs, good times, bad times and the vast array of experiences, flavors,  places, emotions and all life has to offer we, at some point feel good in our circles, as we should, we love our friends,  neighbors, family and we are where be feel we belong,  we are home.  We have attached ourselves to a way of life  and anything that takes us away from the familiar is our enemy.  So i am here to help you with that.  Maybe you or your husband had to move for work,  maybe you are approaching menopause, or  you are going through divorce.  They are all change, and they are all tough,  I am here to support you,  you don't need to go at it alone.