Its all about POV


I was watching the weather forecast and OMG this Friday will be the first day in the 30's.  Its official,  winter is coming!!!!!  When I first moved to NYC I was scared about the cold in winter,  I've been living for the last 15 years in really warm weather places and I did not feel prepared at all,  I mean I didn't even own a  winter coat.  Well I made it through the 1st winter,  which according to everybody else was not bad at all (I do not agree with that) and on the 2nd winter we  started going to the mountain,  my bf is an outstanding skier and inspired me to rekindle my passion for snowboarding, (Im a beginner) So now that winter is almost here I actually can't wait.  At the end of the day its all about your point of view. No more being afraid of the coldness of winter,  I'll just look forward to going snowboarding instead.