A few months back,  I was listening to the amazing David Avocado Wolfe speak, and of the many interesting things he spoke about  that day he mentioned C 60 Charcoal. I like to try lots of what David Wolfe suggests because i think he is so knowledgeable regarding longevity, its his lifetime's research!  So I've been  taking this product for a month and 1/2 and OMG it is AMAZING!!  This charcoal is suspended in olive oil and once taken, its absorbed by you body and helps you get rid of the toxins you carry inside you,  in your organs and tissues.  This is pretty amazing stuff!  and I have been feeling pretty great. My head has less fogginess, i wake up less sluggish and my workouts have gotten seriously better, and so has my skin.  Im so glad I gave it a shot and thank you so much David for sharing your knowledge.