Good fit or not?

Work! Ugh!  or AWESOME!  if you love what you do, that is.   I have pursued many different careers in my life so  I totally get the difference of how it feels when you are just barely making it on time to the job that allows you to pay the bills vs. I cannot believe how time flew today,  and you are still working hard but its such a great feeling when you are feeling happy at work. In my particular case,  the jobs I've had have been linked to the particular part of life I've been living, and  where I'm at,  I have changed careers a few times, and  I enjoy the challenge of the new,  the learning curve,  you begin as an amateur  and after a while you are DOMINATING!  Being in the health and wellness career style only means that the more I learn the more versatile I become,  more experiences and knowledge to draw from. For me the real big difference is not work ethic,  but work environment.  Some work places are just toxic,  humans don't treat each other kindly and that to me is a deal breaker.  A long time ago, a wonderful teacher I had said,  niceness costs nothing, and makes very good friends, and I totally agree with that.  How about you? Are you happy in your work environment?