Who's driving the bus?

When i lived in Miami i learned Tibetan meditation, the meditation i practiced was particular in the sense that you practiced with your eyes open, the point of this was to bring the  meditative state to any situation you  are in,  as opposed to closing your eyes and achieving a sort of dream state.  In the beginning I started with 5 minutes, which felt like 30! I stuck with it  and 5 years later i was getting up at 6 in the morning to meditate for a good 45 mins before i went to work.  What id like to share with you is  what i learned from this practice: to differentiate my thoughts from the thoughts of other people, I had no idea this was even a thing!  It is a powerful tool  in a busy city like Manhattan where its so noisy and everyone has an opinion on everything,  and of course their opinion is the right one,  lol  So... how do you quiet it down?  Is there some sort of immunity from negativity shot somewhere?  It is really important to know what is going on in your mind,  what kind of thoughts are you having and which of these thoughts  are truly yours,  not some annoyance you picked up from someone yelling in your office of the street,   "Taming  the wild horse of the mind" Rinpoche used to call it, as we move forward in life its important to know where our thoughts are,  the way we think  says a lot about who we are.  What are your thoughts like, what is going on in your mind when even you are not watching?