My story

My relationship with food has only become awesome in the past few years. I never really got it. You know, that connection between food and how I felt after I ate. Not even once did I realize that every time I ate pasta or bread I got mega bloated. Even though this had been going on in my life since I was a teenager, along with slew of other disorders. Years later I discovered that my bloating was caused by gluten. I had a gluten sensitivity. Maybe it was because my mother had constant stomach problems and never really did anything about them that I learned to use a this too shall pass approach.

I went to see a nutrition response testing chiropractor a friend recommended. I found out I had candida and gluten and dairy sensitivities. This is how I got to my first sugar detox. In order to kill the fungus (who feeds on sugar) I was required to go on a 21 day sugar cleanse . For the next 21 days I would not consume sugar, gluten, yeast products or fermented foods. No peanuts or mushrooms. That wasn’t all, no white potatoes or white rice allowed either. Only berries as fruit and of course no alcoholic beverages. No more than 25 grams of sugar per day!! Holy cow. I knew that there would lots to adjust regarding food. My diet wasn’t the best. Too many carbs, not enough greens. The big slap in the face for me was that I suddenly realized that for the past two years I had at least one alcoholic beverage per day. It was sad to obviously see I had fallen sleep in my habits. But how much harm can too much sugar do? Could it be I could feel better than I was already feeling? I mean i felt good at this point in my life. Not great, but good enough.

I adjusted accordingly, decided not to give any of my power to this no drinking thing and welcoming new foods with open arms. I think preparing for the cleanse was what made it a success. I will not deny the first few day were really difficult. My partner did support me but, was not willing to go through it with me. I don’t blame him. So, we still went out to dinner and I really really craved a drink several times. Besides annoying servers when asking for sauces on the sides and substituting all carbs for veggies the eating out part wasn’t bad at all. I stayed strong , I’m very proud to say, and made it to day 21. Wow!! What an amazing journey. What unexpected results.

As the days went by I had more and more energy upon waking. Getting up in the morning (usually a struggle) was filled with let’s go! kinda energy. I deflated, not just lost weight, I actually lost girth. Inflammation was leaving my body. As I entered week three I realized I never felt so healthy. It was like a huge anvil had been removed from my stomach Suddenly I felt light and agile and good.. I had no more joint aches and my head was so clear. It was amazing.

Several months later I did another sugar detox. This time so that my partner would get rid of his candida. got His results were way better than mine. He lost 11 pounds, got rid of his severe joint pain, his brain was functioning clearer and faster and his vowel movements normalized. He got it too. What we put in our bodies makes all the difference in the world.

I am committed to passing this on. If you are living with inflammation, joint pain, bloating, brain fog, overall lack of energy, give my sugar detox a try. I know you can feel these amazing results too.

Detoxing from sugar changed my life. Let’s see what it can do for yours.

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